A Look At The Best Brands In The Delta 8 Tinctures Products

Delta 8 tinctures is a brand of medicinal cannabis products, available in both extracts and oils for medical purposes. Brands in the Delta 8 tinctures products has a wide range as well as customer support to help people with their ailments, including sleep disorders and stress. The brand has also won the Cannabis Cup twice, the competition held annually by High Times Magazine.

Delta 8 tinctures is one of the most prominent brands in marijuana which began selling online via its website in 2017. The company offers over 300 different strains of cannabis and extracts to purchase online or at the dispensary storefronts but also provides 3-2-1 deals on some strains through its app where customers can receive up to 33% off their purchase after downloading the app.


Brands in the Delta 8 tinctures products

In June 2015, the company was featured in High Times Magazine’s Medical Cannabis Cup that is held annually. In the same year, the company introduced their brand to the market through their open doors dispensary in Los Angeles. Later on September of the same year, Delta 8 tinctures won first place at the cup for its Grand Daddy Purple strain, along with several other awards.

Delta8 tinctures became a medical marijuana dispensary that is open to public on December 2016 and also launched its online store in 2017 which made it easier for people to purchase and sell marijuana online, as well as receive expert advices and answers to all their questions regarding cannabis in general. In 2017, the company won both the Cannabis Cup in California and Colorado. Delta 8 also teamed up with Weedmaps to help people find medical marijuana dispensaries as well as cannabis products that are available for sale.

How does Delta 8 tinctures work?

The company’s website is a hub for all kinds of guides along with tutorials and tips on different marijuana strains with knowledge that averages 100 pages in length. The brand offers over 300 different strains such as Blue Dream, Grand Daddy Purps, Pineapple Kush, OG Kush, Lemon Diesel and Purple Haze. The website also provides helpful resources such as advice magazines where they answer customers’ questions pertaining to various cannabis strains and other related matters.

What are Delta 8 tinctures’ advantages?

The brand provides many articles on a variety of marijuana strains and products including the differences between various marijuana strains and the effects that they have on your body. The company also offers 3-2-1 deals where customers can get up to 33% off their purchase after downloading the app.