All about bizsafe training provided by CCIS

Founded in 1992, CCIS is a Singapore-based worldwide firm that provides independent TRAINING, CONSULTING & AUDITING of management systems for on-time certification of client organizations.

Number of companies that have partnered with CCIS in ISO, risk evaluation, workplace health and safety, and BIZSAFE


As a company dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, CCIS conducts all of its consulting activities with the utmost care and dedication. Our project-driven strategy avoids “spoon-feeding” for short-term passes or fails to help our customers with their long-term implementation needs. CCIS takes pleasure in doing risk assessments for its customers and training them on how to do so using the official and correct approach. Our bizsafe training services include training, consulting, and audits, and only MOM-approved employees are utilized in these activities.


CCIS’s strategy as a leading training company is to give low training prices while delivering the most excellent quality training classes that are lively and job-specific, combined with real-world experience input so that everyone may benefit from our superior training. ‘ We provide bizsafe training & Internal Audit function courses as part of our offerings.

bizsafe training



ConSASS and WSH Audits are two of the many statutory and third-party audit services that CCIS offers to various customers in diverse sectors.

  • Locate and analyze the unique problems and requirements of your business.
  • The most thorough audits are carried out with great care and attention to detail.
  • The most unbiased third party represents the interests of the firm.
  • It’s not a one-man band or a one-stop shop; it’s here to stay in the regional market and will help you achieve your long-term business goals.

CCIS: Singapore’s Trusted bizSAFE Trainer and ISO Consultant.

  • Training employees bizSAFE, Internal Auditors, and others in public or private sessions.
  • Reviewing Risk and or Management Information systems such as ISO and Singapore Standards
  • BusinessSAFE or other obligatory audits like SHMS or ConSASS
  • To assist your company in complying with the WSH Act, risk management consulting services are offered.

The ISO consulting team in Singapore has extensive experience

Singapore-based company CCIS provides training, consultancy, & auditing services in bizSAFE & ISO-related sectors, including Quality, Environmental, and Health & Safety. Their goal is to help organizations get the certifications they need to operate effectively. The goal of CCIS is to carry out this directive.

Our trained auditors can meet your regular auditing obligations, enabling you to continue with permitted work and ensure that you are informed of the necessary health and safety rules.