All about the wash basin Singapore

It is a washbasin that you use every day for brushing your teeth or washing your hands, but how do you choose a wash basin singapore when you actually start considering purchasing? Here, will introduce the types of washbasins that are useful to know to find your favorite washbasin and how to choose them.

Types of washbasins (vanities)

There are three main types of washbasins: unit type, counter type, and system type.

Unit type (washbasin integrated type)

The unit type is a type in which the washbasin bowl, washbasin storage, and mirror are integrated. The size is decided in advance, and the frontage is 60 cm, 75 cm, and 90 cm are the mainstream size.

Wash Basin Singapore

Counter type

A counter-type washbasin is a washbasin in which a counter is attached to the wall and a washbasin bowl or mirror is installed. Since it can be installed snugly in the frontage, it can make effective use of the space. When deciding on the height of the counter, choose a height that takes into account the height of your family. Some products do not have storage under the counter, so those who want storage need to be devised.

System type

The system type means that you can freely choose parts such as washbasin bowl, faucet, mirror, and infill like a system kitchen. It is a recommended washbasin for those who want to unify the space design of the washroom.

Customization of the washbasin (vanity)

Some products allow you to customize the washbasin bowl, faucet, mirror, etc. To your liking so that you can make the washroom your favorite space. Let’s think about what kind of customization you can do.

Washbasin bowl

Washbasin bowls come in a variety of sizes, materials, shapes, and depths. Get to know your favorite design and features you need, and find your own favorite washbasin bowl.

Featured product: elegance

“Elegance” is a stylish washbasin bowl with a thin edge. The thickness of the edge of a general washbasin bowl is about 40 mm, but the edge of elegance is characterized by being very thin at 4 mm. By making it a thin edge, it is possible to create a simple and stylish washroom space that cannot be found anywhere else.


Washbasin bowls come in a variety of colors. By being able to choose the color, you can give a sense of unity to the space, so you may be able to realize the ideal space.

Points to note when replacing the washbasin

There is information on the internet to replace the washbasin (vanity) by DIY but it is better to ask a remodeling company or construction shop as much as possible.