Different Types Of Bay Window Design Quote

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As you plan to build your sweet home, we want every corner of your own home to look aesthetically pleasing. You focus on every minor detail that can affect the overall beauty of our home. Many fundamental elements impact your home’s aesthetic, like the quality of doors, ceilings, staircases, marble, paint, etc. The windows are also a crucial aspect of your home. The quality of the materials used in building the structure is also quintessential. Talking about windows, they especially add to the aesthetic of our home. bay window design quote can be found in many different shapes and sizes.

 About windows

Many people don’t know this, but windows are actually of different types, shapes, styles, and qualities. The shape and size of a window depend upon the size of the home, the budget for construction, the room’s location, the living room’s space, walls, etc. Based on these factors, an home interior designer decides which window design will be the best one for your home. There are different types of windows based on their locations inside the house. Some general window types are the double-hung window, awning window, single-hung window, bay window, picture window, jalousie window, sliding window, fixed window, etc. We will especially talk about the bay window design quote here.

bay window design quote

Different types of Bay window design quotes-

Bay windows are one of the grandest window types out there. This window type usually are found in big houses, villas, bungalows, etc. The reason being their size. They only look good on large walls and in a big hall/room. There are different designs for bay windows. Some of the most popular bay window designs are-

  • Box bay window-

They represent their name quite well. The box-shaped bay windows are known for their beautiful designs. Both from the outside and inside, they look like cubical shape structures. They look best in the middle of the side wall of the house.

  • Canted bay window-

Perhaps the most well-known bay window type is the canted bay window. They have three separate windows, jointly, making it a beautiful piece of architecture.

  • Oriel bay window-

The idea of an oriel bay window is similar to the canted bay window. The difference is that the oriel bay window has no edges. They are circular. It is one of the most historical forms of the bay windows. Their popularity first started in Italy during the renaissance era.

  • Circle bay area-

These are circular bay windows that are popular nowadays.