Insulation Prevents Electrocution

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Gloves of various types have been used on various jobs, usually, latex or rubber gloves are the most preferred gloves that are used for household works or in medical treatments and hospitals to avoid direct contact with various bacterias or viruses while dealing with the patients.

Cut-resistant gloves are advanced and better than normal rubber or latex gloves because they are made up of metallic compounds, para aramids, super fabric, or high modulus polyethylene that increase the glove’s durability and ability to withstand force, and slashing through any angle direction or intensity.

People have started making use of powder-free nitrile gloves which are also preferred over normal latex gloves because they don’t have powder inside them, unlike the regular rubber gloves. Hence, skin contact with powdered substances has fewer chances of happening, which saves the wearer from any possible infections, rashes, or irritation.

What are Electrician Gloves?

Another essential product of the PPE is the electrician gloves.

An electrician or a lineman is a trained person who works on behalf of big companies and industries that are responsible for the power supply throughout the state.

Some electricians also work on a lesser crowd exposure as regular day-to-day handymen who can be trusted with fixing electrical issues around your house.

But one thing that stays common in both of them will be the precautions they take while they’re rectifying the issues at hand. Electricity work and repairing can be a really risky job therefore it is mandatory to follow all the necessary precautions during, before, and also after the work has been completed sometimes.

Proper precautions also include wearing or having the essential PPE on yourself at all times. The voltage of the electricity one might be working with can be different but it cannot be the reason you tread lightly amongst these areas.

Electrician gloves along with rubber boots are two of the most essential PPE products a lineman can own. These gloves are insulated with 100% rubber to make sure the electricity doesn’t have contact with the lineman’s skin.

One should also make sure that the gloves don’t have any tears or holes in them because even that can contribute towards a fatal shock when in contact with the skin.

You should make sure the gloves you are using for the electrical work are made up of 100% rubber or leather and have no punctures, or tears as even the smallest opening can lead the electricity to reach your hands.

These gloves are majorly available in two types, Type 1 being non-resistant to ozone and Type 2 which is resistant to ozone.

These gloves should incorporate dielectric properties, flexibility, durability, and physical strength. It is observed that electrician gloves can be worn safely for up to 6 months after which lab testings can be done to determine the further functioning.