Knowing More About bashir dawood

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Bashir dawood has established an extraordinary company named Dawlance which is an electronic home appliance and device manufacturing business firm. It is originally based in Karachi, Pakistan. Founded in 1980, the firm has come a long way in making a brand name for itself in the appliances and devices market. Although the firm was a brand name, it was later acquired by an Istanbul-based company named Arcelik, which further worked on expanding the firm. The firm established large-scale factories at two of its main sites, in Karachi and Hyderabad.

Insight into the Dawlance Firm

The company provides premium appliances and devices and works to improve the complete electronic working sector. Since its establishment in the early 1980s, Dawlance had its humble beginnings when it started by manufacturing refrigerators in the early stages. After witnessing great success, it found itself expanding and growing in the huge venture it is now. They found their legacy in greatness as they became an unmatchable name in the electronic sales department and become Pakistan’s biggest home appliance and device distributor. As the business grew dramatically, they invested in making their firm larger and expanded to newer and better locations with the addition of a workforce as well. They are known to supply the following items in the market and guarantee the best quality and work quality, along with a possible warranty:

bashir dawood

  • Washing Machines are one of the most common and required home appliances. They need to be of great quality and condition to last longer and make sure that they are great at completing the given task. It should also be gentle and have the required setting but it should be simple enough so that anyone can understand it, which is kept in mind by the Dawlance firm while distributing and manufacturing them.
  • Since the company originally started with freezers or refrigerators, it is important for the firm to maintain its promise by providing great quality freezers that keep the items fresher and make them last longer.
  • Microwave ovens are used to cook and reheat all kinds of food items. They are expensive but considering the reusability, they can become a great investment for any household. Therefore, Dawlance offers great quality microwave ovens that can be used to cook and reheat food for many years.
  • They also offer a great range of mixers, juicers and grinders that are used to create healthy recipes by preserving the nutrients in the dishes.