Looking For Ideas On What To Do In Singapore? Click Here And Have The Time Of Your Life!

 If you are taking out your leisure time and want to travel, then Singapore could be one of your hotshots. It is a beautiful place with a great culture that you will fall in love with. You can do plenty of new and unique things there, and the country’s scenic beauty just adds the cherry to the cake. If you are traveling to the said country for the first time and want to plan it properly, then the internet is your helping hand. Are you Looking for ideas on what to do in Singapore? Click here.

If you want to do something different from what other tourists do then here is what you should most definitely go for:

Do In Singapore

Famous attractions for sightseeing


  • Last Kampong: atraditional and simple village-like place with a soothing aura
  • Haw Par Villa: amazing for you if you are into scary stuff, for this is a place where Chinese values, myths, and legends are present, and parents tell the stories about it to their children to prevent them from wrongdoings.
  • Walking with gang members: No, don’t worry! They are ex-gang members meant to give you insights into the gang violence that happened in the past in this present peaceful country.
  • Puzzle hunt in China Town: This is a game-like setup where you must solve a murder mystery. You will meet characters in streets and alleys, which will provide you with hints to solve the mystery, and the game is filled with shocking plot twists.
  • All sightseeing spots in one place: Using a bicycle, you can check out all the sightseeing spots you missed while traveling via automobile.


Way to a way different culture


  • Experience the Singapore of the 1960s: Take a walk on the alleys of Little India and get to experience what Singapore was really like in the 60s
  • Put hands-on leather crafting: Guided by the experts, you can learn leather crafting.
  • Legal Vandalizing: You read that right! While illegal, it is legal in this fantastic warehouse kind of location, and you can vandalize to your heart’s content.

Say Hi to the soothing nature


  • PulauUbin: Set your adventure in this off-island and gain back in time experience
  • Sentosa’s Rainforests: Grab your binoculars and explore the stunning fauna of this hidden beauty
  • World War II Bunkers: Check out the times when brits used to rule, and the horrendous war took place



  • Kayaks: Have fun with water in your Kayaks
  • E-foiling: better than surfing, get ready to fly on the water!
  • Deep Sea Diving: Explore the deep sea marine flora and fauna
  • Pet on the cruise: Now you can take your furry little baby on Batman’s ship
  • Explore Hidden Islands: Are you a true nature enthusiast and want to explore those far-off hidden islands? River safari is your way!