Pill Organizers and the Convenience They Offer

It is dangerous to mix up medications. This is one of the reasons why seniors are placed in nursing homes because they have to take medications at the right time. Any mistake in this department can be life-threatening. A pill planner may help a lot to prevent this. This helps to organize the medicines of your loved ones, making them more accessible. That is why pill organisers play an important role in your aging plans.

Purpose of a Pill Organizer

A pill organizer avoids medicine mixups which can be deadly. It also prevents the possibility of taking less or more than the necessary pills. About 35 percent of people who are older than 75 years old take three or more pills that require a pill organizer. This tool is often cylindrical or square and contains compartments for every day of the week, making the pills more organized and accessible. You may even find pill organizers that have multiple sections. They correspond with different times of the day. You have to remember that medication errors may only be prevented if the pill organizer is a good fit for the user.

What to Look for in a Pill Organizer

When you choose a particular pill organizer, you have to choose one that corresponds to the functional limitations of the user which could be the following:


Due to sight problems, it could be hard for a senior user to distinguish the shape, size, and even color of the pills. This is why clear containers are more useful since the pills can be seen right away. You may also consider enough space on the pill organizer for you to write down labels.

Manual Dexterity

Organizers that have flip-up or pop-up tops are great for those who suffer from arthritis or restricted dexterity. Avoid those organizers that are tightly shut and difficult to open and also pill organizers that easily slide or twist off and those that are quite hard to fall into the grooves. Consider as well the space for each compartment. Make sure that it is easy to load and retrieve the pills.

Memory Lapses

Medicating can be complex and challenging to one’s memory. Pill organisers that allow for a weekly plan with compartments for both single and multiple doses are highly recommended. Some organizers even include auditory and/or visual reminders for the users to take their pills on time. You may find those that have built-in timers and those with recording capabilities of the dosage taken. Some even come with reminders for refilling and doctor’s consultations. Senior users with no experience may find these devices helpful and easy to use.

When you use pill organizers make sure that you use them with safety in mind. This means that you have to seek the advice of your physician. It may also be necessary to ask someone to check your work.