Portable Light Towers: Hiring Construction Light Towers

The portable light tower is a universal piece of mobile equipment with various usages. It has mast or more high-intensity electric lights. Light towers are tied to the mast – mounted in a mobile trailer. It has a generator set that provides power to the electric bulbs. The lamps are commonly metal halide bulbs, while the generator is powered by a diesel engine. The portable light tower for hire can be battery-powered, hydrogen-powered, and solar-powered lighting towers. Even LED lighting towers are also available.

Light tower features

The most essential feature of a portable light tower is its source of power and can offer light itself. The light tower doesn’t require getting connected to other power sources as it has its power generator. Once the generator is fully charged, it supplies lighting for several hours, on construction sites or any other locations. Now, if you want to be economical, you must hire numerous portable construction light towers instead of a simple light tower with various lights.

Where portable lighting towers can be used?

These types of lighting towers can be used for a group of activities. These portable light towers are also called construction light towers because they are used primarily in construction. During months with shorter days, the light towers’ demand goes high. Workers can easily complete their activities after dusk using these portable light towers.

portable light tower for hire

Light towers can also play an important role during night shift work, it provides:

  1. Vital visibility
  2. Lower the danger of workers getting harmed and keep from accidents

The majority of workers work overtime and during the night time for the completion of projects on time, and nearly each construction project needs steady lighting. The portable light tower is handy.

Benefits of using portable light towers

The portable light towers have a higher amount of illumination. It doesn’t generate any black patches. They provide various advantages but must meet certain requirements to purchase one. The mobile lighting towels have wheels and can be mounted on different vehicles.

Portable light towers are used when brightness is needed. It is if the light is not available both indoors and outdoors; these are usually used temporarily. There are example activities, such as:


  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Motion picture production
  • Demolition
  • Emergency services
  • Sports or agricultural sectors

Light towers are a kind of portable lighting solution that contain a range of electric lamps affixed on top of a mast. The light towers are positioned to light up or shine up the designated area. The mast will be attached to the trailer-like base that serves as an anchor to balance the tower to allow the unit to be towed from one site to another.

So, to make your work at night time or overnight, these portable light towers can be your perfect body to finish the job on time.