Significance Of English Lesson Singapore

All of us might live on the same planet , breathe the same air and may even have some similarities but that does not mean that at times we also do not have our differences. Some differences can easily be ignored and moved past, whereas some require a little more effort. One main example of a difference that affects us to our very core as a human being is language. People from different regions speak different languages. The same message can sound extremely different when spoken by two people who speak different languages. In times like these, the English language has become the unofficial universal language. Two people may not speak the same language but can use English to communicate with each other if they belong to the 98 percent of the English speaking population around the world. This is why english lesson singapore and all across the world are extremely popular.

What is the significance of the english language on a global scale?

english lesson singapore

Our world has evolved tremendously in the past few decades alone. The barriers between nations are nothing more than mere pieces of land or fences. With globalisation becoming immensely popular, various nations across the globe started to expand their trade. Doing so required people to be able to understand what a person from the other nation was saying. This is when english was devised as the unofficial global language to overcome this problem. It was discovered that a majority of nations across the world were fluent in English, along with their native language. Official work started taking place in the English language only. Since the British Empire had a history of colonising almost each and every nation and spreading their own culture there, even the most backward of nations were fluent with English, since they had been under the British rule at some point of time.

Today the popularity of English as a language is such that almost all official paperwork that takes place in even the most local of offices, happens in 2 or more than 2 languages, which is English and the native language of the place. Not only this but schools all across the world teach English as a mandatory subject to children from a young age. In today’s time, having a fluent grasp over the English language is a must for each and every child. Not knowing English shuts down many avenues and future prospects for a child.