Syspro APAC Business Software for Manufacturing and Distribution

An entry-level ERP for manufacturing and distribution, Syspro is designed to simplify your business operations. Easily track inventory on hand, sales orders, customer orders, purchase orders, and payments while giving you the tools you need to be more productive and efficient.

Syspro APAC supports a concurrent multi-user architecture that scales with your business growth. With a flexible cost model based on the features that best match your needs and requirements, this ERP will work for new businesses as well as established companies looking for modern software at an affordable price.


1. Inventory Management

With SysPro, you can control your inventory from the point of sale and creation to store management and end-use.

2. Purchasing

Sell-To and Purchasing support multi-level purchase order fulfillment. In addition to conventional flat-rate shipping options, Syspro offers new wholesale purchasing options, such as pickup orders, with no setup fees or order minimums for bulk purchases.

3. Sales Orders

Syspro enables you to create Sales Orders, track the status of all orders, create printing orders, and run reports from a user-friendly business dashboard.

4. Purchase Orders

Sys pro’s Purchase Order function allows you to: Create, Re-order, and Re-ship orders and payments;Manage multiple purchase orders for a single customer;Cancel, modify, and re-issue purchase orders;Print out your purchase order(s) from your purchase order window.

5. Receivables Management

Syspro manages your critical receivables using standard accounting practices, real-time bank reconciliations, credit card processing, and more. Completely customizable includes features like the ability to customize vendor rates & charges, resend credit memos, and much more!

6. Payables Management

Syspro calculates and tracks the process of your receivables. Create payments to vendors, manage bills, and control purchase orders. Syspro calculates and follows the operation of your payables.

7. Financials & Reporting

Syspro’s solid financial reporting allows you to create, run, save, and print any standard financial report in a matter of seconds on your desktop so you can immediately understand the status of your bottom line.

Syspro APAC

8. Human Resources

Syspro keeps track of all your company’s employee information, including job titles, wages, and other employee-related information.

9. Compliant with ISO 9000 and OHSAS 18001 Standards

Syspro can meet the stringent requirements of ISO 9000/9004-1 and 2 (ISO 9001:2000) and OHSAS 18001:2007.

10. Handheld Management & Data Transfer

Syspro Handheld lets you view real-time information on your device while on the go. With the Syspro APAC Handheld Manager, you can download data from your Syspro system or import handheld data into Syspro.

11. Imaging & Bar Code

Syspro helps reduce costs by identifying goods with RFID tags, bar codes, and information capture.

12. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sys pro’s customer relationship management module helps you improve the way you manage your customers’ accounts, from subscription tracking to marketing campaigns


Syspro is also available in an open-source version called SourceSpro. It has many of the same features as Syspro but at a fraction of the price and can be customized to your needs.