The Different Types of Maternity Dresses to Choose Fro

Pregnancy time is always a great time of a woman’s life, but it can be difficult to choose a maternity dress as the body, especially the stomach area starts to change in shape. Not to mention that the body starts to bloat and the hormones go berserk. It would be hard to find maternity dresses and control your mood swings, and you are likely to experience changes in your choice of design, color, and fabric.

Being pregnant, however, is not an excuse to look sloppy. You just have to know the various types of maternity dresses available for you. The truth is that any style of dress can be turned into a maternity dress for as long as there’s room for the growing belly. Here are some of the most common styles you can find for that preggy look:

Maxi Dress

Maxi dress styles work well on most body types. This style also gives any pregnant woman the convenience to don in a bohemian look or simply prep up. This is a flowy dress that is ankle-length or floor-length. It is loose-fitting, hence providing a lot of room for growing baby bellies. Most maxi dresses are lightweight and airy, making them comfortable to wear. Such dresses are great for wearing whether in a casual or semi-formal occasion.

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Shirt Dress

The shirt dress has always been the go-to dress for pregnant women mainly because of its loose fit. It flows in a straight style and it is often oversized which can easily accommodate a swelling belly. When a woman is not pregnant, the shirt dress can still be worn, this time with a belt to define the body shape. The stress dress can go well with any woman in whatever pregnancy phase she is, except when the belly has gone too big. Then it would be wise to go a size or two up.

Baby Doll

The baby doll dress is a short one. It is usually above the knee. It comes with an empire waistline high up the body. Since the waistline is only right below the bustline, there is plenty more room for the baby belly to grow. The good thing about baby doll dresses is that they can be worn even if the woman is no longer pregnant.


It’s a tight-fitting dress that most pregnant women don’t consider as a maternity dress. However, some women can pull off wearing a sheath dress. The trick is to choose a sheath that comes in a stretchy material and can provide a lot of forgiveness like a knit. The sheath does not hide the bump; instead it flaunts it. Sheath maternity dresses can be worn as office wear, formal wear, semi-formal, and also casual wear. Just remember that even your other body assets are shown off with this type of maternity dress.