Things To Look For While You Buy New Condo In Singapore

The appeal of luxury condos for many people is all the additional features and amenities included in them. Although the moderately priced, average condos can offer the residents all the necessities and comfort required for living, new condos in Singapore surpass all your expectations. The interior and exterior of the luxury condo in Singapore are normally nicer, while the appliances are modern and the amenities included make your living much more enjoyable and comfortable.

There are various condos, filled with the latest features and technology, that you could buy new condo in singapore apart from the number of rooms specification.

  • Freehold – Freehold properties mean that you will only control the land you have bought – nobody else has any rights on the property. Since the seller is relinquishing any right to the property and restricting it to you, it is quite evident that freehold condos in the Condo Sale market will be more expensive comparatively. The freehold category allows you to do anything you want with the property because you are the sole owner of that condo.
  • Leasehold – Leasehold is the category of condos that you will often see in your lifetime. There will be a lease that tells about a certain period that the buyer will have major rights. If you are looking to invest in temporary real estate, leaseholds are a better option.
  • Features – If you think that the condos on sale are not worth it, wait until you hear about the features. They can be sub-categorized into many divisions – pools with sauna and private pools, private garden, beachfront, gym, jacuzzi, duplex, and parking privileges. Whatever you want, all you have to do is search for it, and you can get it.

Most condominiums have a doorman at the entrance and comprise secure entry techniques like card access and key fob. No matter what security techniques these luxury condos implement, they are completely safe and more secure than the typical apartments or moderately priced condos. The condos are governed by the Legal Statutes, while for the townhomes, the owner is the Governing Authority. Safety is higher and stricter while you live in a Condo; on the other hand, in townhomes, safety is lesser than the former arrangement.

Condos allow lesser privacy, as different homeowners share the same building, while you have utmost privacy to rule in townhomes.