Wearing a Blue Dress Is Fun

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The next step to choosing a dress for any occasion is to accessorize it. One of the best colors of a dress to choose is navy blue. There are many ways to accessorize a blue dress depending on the occasion. Accessorizing a dress is like putting finishing touches on your dress to make it a full-fledged outfit. This means you have to look into tons of bags, jewelry, shoes, and layering pieces. Here are some tips on how to make your blue dress the most fabulous outfit.

The best colors to match with blue

The first step to accessorizing your blue dress is to choose the right color to match it. There are three best color matches to go with blue. You may start with the bright ones. Colors that are across each other on the color are great pairs. They are known as complementary colors. Bright yellow, a hint of orange, red, or pink will complement your navy blue dress. For a low-key appeal, metallic and neutral colors may be paired with your blue dress. Special occasions may also be graced with monochromatic pieces. You may add pieces of lighter shades to your navy blue dress, to make the ensemble look richer and fuller.

What shoes to wear

A blue dress for a wedding has to have the right pair of shoes. A basic rule to follow is to test drive your shoes until your feet become comfortable with it. Make sure that the pair of shoes can make you feel comfortable during the entire event. Remember to break in a new pair when you decide to wear one during the occasion.

Always check the wedding dress code as guide

The wedding dress code must serve as your guide to make sure that your blue dress won’t make you over- or under dressed. If it is a formal or a black-tie affair, stick to a subdued pair options. The classic choice is a pair of nude pumps. Or you may opt for pointed-toe heels with a subtle ankle strap. If the invitation says semi-formal wedding attire, be more loose and go for a pair of snakeskin block heels. If you are after a casual pair, switch to some booties or wedges instead of stilettos. You can let down your hair and be more creative.

The jewelry to choose

Choosing the right jewelry for your dress to complete the look is like icing on the cake. You may opt for silver, gold, or a mix-match of these two. Silver offers you a classic touch. A more modern appeal is possible with glistening gold hues.

Accessorize with a purpose in mind

You have to choose the neckline, print, or sleeve length when accessorizing a navy blue dress for a wedding. You may go for an embellished headband or a jeweled hairpin for a more trendy look.