What To Visit In Japan As A Traveler?

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Do you plan to travel to East Asia? If so, where would you wish to visit? Japan is one of the most recommended countries to visit by many travelers who have been there. Whether you are dying to explore Japanese culture and history at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, indulge in diverse Japanese cuisine, or experience a ride on the lighting-fast Shinkansen trains, a trip to Japan promises fun and adventure around every corner.

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Museums in Japan

If you love artifacts, then you should be traveling back to the past by visiting museums in Japan. Here is a list of Japanese museums to visit:

  • The National Art Center. A museum in Tokyo is located at the formerly occupied research facility of the University of Tokyo, which is one of the largest exhibition spaces in Japan. The National Art Center is an empty museum without permanent display, curators, and collection.
  • Tokyo National Museum. It is an art museum in Ueno Park, one of the four museums operated by NICH (National Institutes for Cultural Heritage). Tokyo National Museum is the oldest national museum in Japan, the largest art museum, and one of the largest art museums around the world. TNM collects, preserves, and displays a comprehensive collection of cultural objects and artwork from Asia, focusing on medieval and ancient Japanese art and Asian art.
  • Ghibli Museum. It is a museum that showcases the Japanese work animation studio Studio Ghibli, located in Inokashira Park in Mitaka, the western city of Tokyo, Japan. The museum has a combination of features:


  • Children’s Museum
  • Technology museum
  • Fine arts museum
  • Art and technique of animation

These are only a few of the beautiful museums in Japan.

Amusement Parks

  • Universal Studios Japan. It is a themed park located in Osaka, Japan. Universal Studios Japan was the first to open in the United States. The studio is the fifth-most visited theme park around the world and third-most visited in Japan, behind Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland.
  • Fuji-Q Highland. It is an amusement park in Japan, owned and operated by the name Fuji Kyuko Co., near the base of Mount Fuji. The amusement park has several attractions:
  • Number of roller coasters
  • Two haunted attractions
  • Thomas Land
  • Super Nintendo World. The area is based on Nintendo video games, primarily the Mario franchise and various sub-series. It was because of the partnership between Universal and Nintendo.


Aside from the museums and amusement parks in Japan, wineries are another best attraction in Japan to visit. Here is a list of the best wineries to take a tour of:

  • Yamazaki winery
  • Takeda winery
  • Hosui winery
  • Katashimo wine food

These are among the top visited places in Japan wherein you can book your next vacation, with family or friends.