Free Online Tool To Test Myopia In Children

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Is there any way to test whether your child is suffering from myopia? Well, some would suggest visiting an ophthalmologist to determine the status of the vision. My Kids Vision is another tool to test the eyesight condition of the patient, an ideal first aid for those far from the city areas.

The free vision test tool online

Many are asking what this free online vision test tool. An online tool helping parents assess and manage the risks of myopia for children. Myopia usually appears in the early stage, in which children are the target ages of this eye condition. Myopia usually develops in children because they are engaged in gadgets.

Causes of myopia

Children usually spend 2 hours and more with their gadgets, making them unable to develop their motor skills. Gadgets have radiation that can suddenly destroy a person’s vision. Old age is usually diagnosed to have this kind of eye condition. Years passed by, and this generation is now into the advanced technology, gadgets came out. Thus, children are so much engaged with their tablets, smartphones, and laptops, which can be a cause of myopia and its progression.

To avoid this situation, you can use the free online tool to test the eye condition of your children before it is too late. It is better to be aware of the eye condition of your children to make an instant first move or take myopia progression control and management.

Myopia (nearsightedness): Definition, causes, and treatment

How to use the eye test tool?

The eye test tool is used by answering all the questions provided. It is a 6-question survey that needs answers according to the condition of your vision. It can assess the risks of myopia by determining the condition of your eyesight. The following questions in the survey need personal answers based on the condition of your vision.

Let’s say, can you read a letter at 3 meters distance? It is a question that needs your answer according to how your vision is still clear or blurry. Can you identify a person at 5 meters distance? It is another question to test out the level or how severe the myopia is.

Questions in the survey are all personal information on your child’s eye condition. The eye test tool online will tell you whether the level of myopia progression of your child is severe or still developing. It’s better to have your first aid at home than tool late. Especially today that kids are prone to gadgets and they don’t have time to go out and enjoy physical activities, which leads to myopia.

Use the free eye test tool online to determine whether your child’s eye condition is still healthy or has the risks of myopia.